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We are Laura and Michael Thompson and we operate the Thompson Family Farm, located south of Farmington. We are in our first year as sellers and we grow an abundance of produce.

We also sell home canned goods (jams, jellies, salsas, pickles, pie fillings, etc) and also select baked goods as a Cottage Food Producer. The majority of our canned goods use produce straight from the garden.

I Laura, grew up here so I has been growing for my entire life. I learned all I know about gardening and food preservation from my parents. My heart has always been on the farm.

Michael grew up in a military family so he had the opposite upbringing; however he has enjoyed how life slows down on the farm and has realized how great it is to enjoy the fruits our labor all year round.

We want to sincerely thank the administrator of Farm Direct Minnesota for this group. We have been connected to hundreds of new customers since joining. As a result we completely sold out on our pre orders of canning tomatoes and cucumbers within less than 12 hours of opening up pre ordering!

We have also sold out of rhubarb every weekend we have harvested. We are entering our prime growing season right now and we are so excited to provide the freshest, locally grown produce, canned goods, and baked goods during harvest season in the weeks ahead!


Thompson Family Farm



We are Steve and Sandy Clemons of Double S Alpaca Farm. We love the Farm Direct Minnesota page and are thankful for its creation. We appreciate that we can do a search and find our needs and support our local farmers and community partners. We have been able to meet fantastic people to do you pick at their farm, and we were contacted almost immediately after joining this page by a farming family that had recently bought a farm near us! It turns out they bought a former alpaca farm and there were alpaca supplies there that we could use!!

We began raising alpaca in 2014 with our initial herd of 13. Neither of us had livestock farming experience at that time but we are both animal lovers. We were lucky to have gone to an alpaca show in Minnesota in 2013 and met wonderful alpaca owners that invited us to their farms to learn how to care for the animals prior to making the decision to own alpacas. When we purchased our first herd we did not even live on a farm! We were blessed by finding the farm of our dreams in October of 2014. We finished our first pasture fence line in the first snowfall that year and brought our initial herd home.

We have continued to improve the quality of our herd through the years. We buy, sell, breed, raise and show our alpacas. We have a wall of show ribbons which includes many blue ribbons and championship ribbons and trophies. We have genetic lines in our herd from across the United States and Canada.

We have a farm store, The Alpaca Shacka, right on our property. We sell raw fiber, yarn, socks, hats, mittens, scarves, dryer balls, and many other alpaca fiber products and alpaca related items. Our store can be open with advance notice for your shopping and gift giving needs. We are involved in vending events throughout many areas of Minnesota in the fall and winter months. Alpaca fiber has many benefits including no irritability to sensitive skin, it is hypoallergenic, it wears like iron, it wicks wetness from your skin, it has a high insulating factor without the bulk.

We have also met a large number of people that were interested in buying our laying hens. This Farm Direct page is so dynamic In getting people in touch with others for their specific need. We were very successful in getting people laying hens for their protein needs! It is a wonderful feeling to help people feed their families!

We lease alpacas to 4H youth and teach them herdsmanship, showanship and obstacle course for entry into the Isanti County Fair. We are currently in charge of the LAMA project for Isanti County 4H and run the LAMA program at the county fair.

We provide an ongoing mentor program to new alpaca owners to provide them with the knowledge and confidence to be successful on their farms.

We have an open farm policy that, in short, means we allow visitors to come and visit with prior notice. We love showing these beautiful animals to people and educating people on all the benefits of these eco friendly animals and their highly sustainable fiber. We love having people to the farm and invite all for a visit! We only ask that you arrange ahead of time so we can remain socially responsible with visitor numbers in accordance with Covid 19 guidelines.

Feel free to view everything going on at the farm from events to new births at:



Double S Alpaca Farm

Double S Alpaca baby


This is awesome and I was honestly wanting to write this anyway so thanks for asking for stories.

I love this Facebook page! I had baby goats that I wanted to sell as this is our first year kidding. I didn't have many Facebook followers on our farm Facebook page yet and we haven't been able to show our livestock since this would have been our first year, so finding people who were interested in our goats was a challenge. We don't know many other local farmers because we have only lived in Wisconsin for a few years. After our information was posted we had many contacts and were able to sell 3 out of 4 goat kids in about 10 minutes! It was amazing! There is such a sense of community and positive energy on this page and that is great to see as we are 4th generation farmers but starting out on our own hobby farm. This is truly an amazing gift to be connecting people in these challenging times. Thank you for everything you are doing!

Nicole Vidden of Rusty Feather Farm

  Rusty Feather Farm
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