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Farm Direct Minnesota  (FDM or FDMN) has become a statewide asset that connects farmers direct to customers and came right when it was needed most - May 5th, 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many were left with no way to move product, farmers markets closed, slaughter houses did the same, the usually reliable supply chain basically shut down. At that point I started the facebook group and this website to bridge the gap.

The FDM Mission as always is: 'To connect farmers direct to customers and strengthen the local food system, and in doing so to help eliminate food deserts'.

Created 3 1/2 years ago as mentioned (May 2020) this website and its Facebook presence have had a greater reach then similar organizations with over 26+ years in business.

I have seen many "copy cats" coming from all directions this past year, and while that is great if it moves your product, watch to be sure you are really getting what they advertise they offer.

APPS are great but if buyers are not using them, you have no audience for your goods. There are also some pretty hefty % taken on these APPS per sale. There are often start up costs or monthly costs. Do your homework.

I'm have also seen many articles on "Farm-Direct Selling" and "how to do it". This platform is how to do it! And I am proud that it has lead the way!

On our our 2 year anniversary we introduced membership.

MEMBERSHIP - How it benefits YOU.

Joining is easy and takes only a few minutes.

• Membership allows your business to be on the map which has as many as 10,000 visitors a month!

Membership allows you the use of the FDM logo on your goods, or web pages should you choose, showing you support this grass roots effort.

• Membership is an advertising expense.
I, Sazzy Calhoun via FDM am advertising for you on this web platform and other social media outlets. (I am an independent contractor)

• Membership
with FDM has a social media presence with a quite large audience, 82,573 members as of 12/26/23, and a growth of 4800 members from last year at this time. (Instagram, and Twitter are growing too) With your paid membership I am auto approving your FB posts for as long as the FB group is active so your posts get out there faster than ever!

• Membership allows for all this to keep going as this is a self funded grass roots venture which takes much time to run smoothly. (Website updates, map updates, monitoring etc)

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Need to renew a membership? Same button just tell me your renewing and list your business name.

I started this website as another avenue to get your products noticed and sold direct.

The Farm Direct Minnesota community continues to grow and contribute to the collective success stories of those involved!

If this site or the FB group has helped you consider a donate. (This is not a non profit at this time.)

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The Best to you and Stay Safe!


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